• PhD Candidate: Social culture, Visual culture. Artístics strategies in XXI century.

    Thesis: The transdisciplinary analysis for the systemic creation of contemporary art. Shifting the paradigm for Valencia in twentieth first century.


    Maria José Méndez Gallart


    e-mail: mamengal@doctor.upv.es

  • Doctoral School UPV Researcher

    Bachelor in Fine Arts

    Cinematic Arts Critical Studies and multidisciplinary artist. 2002

    Master in Higher Education Degree

    Drawing Specialist 2006


    Ecological Ethics, Sustainability and Environmental Education Specialist 2017

    Postgraduated Program

    From Science to the Marcket 2018/2019

  • Human Development Cooperation

    O.N.U International System Values Training

    International cooperation for development  World Agenda system initiative course.

    Centro de cooperación al desarrollo de la U.P.V. Programa INCIDE 2017.tCero de Cooperación

    50 Hours.

    Allows to know the origin of the current system of global cooperation to human development, since 1945 and the types of agreements, systems and methodologies used since then up to the present and its evolution till nowadays.

    Technologies for development.

    Centro de cooperación al desarrollo de la U.P.V. Programa INCIDE 2017.entro de cooperación al desarrollo U.P.V.

    50 Hours. This course allows me to know the different technologies that  can be used in the cooperation system, as well as the critical  approach on the impact that they can have on the community  where they are intended to be implemented.
  • Alumni network member Capra Course fall 2017

    On-line training that provides the conceptual tools that allow us to understand the nature of systemic problems and recognize  the systemic solutions as oportunity of revolutionary civilization have and introduce wich ones are being developed by individuals and organizations around the world.

  • Current Art Projects as PhD Researcher


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  • Fresh Healing Music by Ricardo Cavalli

    Open enrollment

    The spectrum that judges
    and acceptance. A series of reflections and exercises to go:
    - putting order in our interior,
    -balancing creative impulses,
    - Achieving the acceptance of our production,
    - scanning our beliefs in search of what adds or subtracts energy to achieve our purpose.
    Coming soon
  • Macu Morán Marcos



    Imagery residency Koh-Samui Thailandia


    Open Registrations

    The imagery residency is developed within the exuberant islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, gifted with the ancient culture of Thailand and the breathtaking beauty of nature. You will recover your breath with peace of mind, a creative company, and amazing casual encounters. Committed individuals from all over the World are welcome to participate in this precious location to enhance, consolidate and share their particular views, through a research program that aims to strengthen their connection with nature and provide optimal conditions for inspiration, reflexion and co-creation towards a more profound understanding of our reality.

    Pepa Méndez Gallart

    Honorary Founder

    From Meta Ethic frame in Philosophycal Ecologics to holistic fundations of counciusness, theoretical frame in Academics.

    Biopolítics under Foucault perspective.

    Posthumanism and chamanism connections.

    Spiritual Journeys and Contemporary Art.


    Art & Permaculture at Animals Home Rovame Farm 2019.

    - A Transition to Circular Economy Realistic Goal Project -



  • Conferences & Papers

    Local perspective

    II Conference: "Multidisciplinary  education for gender equality:  social, philological, artistic and  environmental perspectives".

    University of Valencia. General Studies.


    "VII Conference on local development in the Valencian  Region".

    University of Valencia. General Studies.

  • Journeys

    Art & Nature

    I Journeys on Art, Ecology and Protected Natural Spaces.

    Cultura de Ribera Association. Tablas de Daimiel.

  • Sustainable Placemaking

    La Marina de Valencia- Spain

    Open Registrations


    Thanks for trusting in my interdependent life as a human being to : La Federación Valenciana de Municipios y Provincia. I will be teaching from September 21 till October 25 Year 2020

  • Values & Spirituality

    A Deep Cosmic Connection Conciussnes

    Human Being


    Chapter 11 Part IV

    Ecollaures an interdisciplinary agroecological model for the transformation of the Valencian Country in the 21st Century.


    Chapter 8 Part III

    Towards a new paradigm:  Reflections for sustainability.


    Chapter 2

    Shifting the paradigm: Eco-femen tacticals in Valencia XXI Century.


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    mail: mamengal@doctor.upv.es



    Consultoría de Innovación Sistémica

    Universidad Politécnica de Valencia